2 definitions by pastrychefsniper

When something is so factual it must be printed on the wrapper for a Libra sanitary pad.
Tina: Did you know that more than half of women in the United States will not leave their home without makeup on?
Grace: Really?
Tina: Yeah, it's Libra-fact.
by pastrychefsniper March 23, 2010
When you're at a restaurant and you order a main course meal only to find that the size of the dish is too big for you to finish, you ask a friend to assisticate you.

A conjunction of the word "assist" and "mastication".

They finish off the meal you paid thirty bucks for so you don't waste your money.
Rebecca: "This burger is the size of my head. Paige, will you assisticate me?"
Paige: "This is too much assistication to ask for."
by pastrychefsniper January 27, 2010

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