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When you shit in between a girls boobs (its got to be the sick wet, green diarrhea kind of shit) and then you tit fuck her. So you have the buns (her tits) the chile (the shit) and the hot dog (your dick).
My girlfriend got totally hammered and wanted me to give her a chile dog
by pastoolio April 19, 2008
a type of bullshit forum where stupid bullshit wannabe emos flock to, to talk about how emotional their bullshit lives are, and how emo they are.... in a nutshell, joining an emo forum is by far the saddest attempt anyone can ever make to fit in, just overall pathetic in every possible aspect

where "scene people" (wannabee emos) go to talk about how they fail at everything and how they need to say they are emo to make them feel better and fit in, cause real emos dont go around saying they are emo. joining an emo forum is how you know someone is a wannabee emo
"hey (enter sad wannabee emo's name here), where have you been lately?"

"ive been at my house, ive been really caught up in this new emo forum i joined"

"wow, your fucking retarded, thats how bad you want to be considered emo?"
by pastoolio November 01, 2008
you follow a girl home, and when she goes inside her house, knock on the door and when she answers, punch her in the nose and knock her out. then you rub her vaginal fluids on her face, then you cum on her face so you got the ketchup, fish, and the mayonnaise
my girlfriend was being a pussy last night, so i followed her home and gave her a fish sandwich
by pastoolio October 25, 2007

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