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When a woman or women act like trick-ass hoes.
Bitches be Trifilin. Paige quickly got my pants off last night, then proceeded to kiss my inner-thigh for 20 minutes before calling it quits and leaving me with blue balls.
#trifilin #trick-ass hoes #blue balls #bitches #chore
by passion partier April 30, 2009
The act of repeatedly striking a sexual partner with a sock full of semen, urine, and feces; similar to the beating of Gomer Pile in "Full Metal Jacket."
My girlfriend refused anal, so I gave her a well deserved Sloppy Biffle.
#semen #cum #chili dog #biffle #biffel #poop
by passion partier April 19, 2009
A definitive list of the "Who's Who" in hook-ups. Created by stupid skanks at a Colorado hippie commune.
After receiving multiple donkey punches, the girls developed the Chore Board. They now deserve multiple Sloppy Biffles.
#skank #idiot #worthless waste of space #dumb bitch #chore
by passion partier April 23, 2009
Eating a burnt bowl of chili off the ass of a dirty, dirty, stripper while wearing a costume stolen from the restaurant Red Robin.
I woke up this morning with a bad taste in my mouth and realized that last night at Joe's bachelor party I got really drunk and pulled a Red Robinn.
#stripper #cleveland steamer #cinncinatti #chili dog #rusty trombone #salad tosser
by passion partier April 23, 2009
When a man receives a mushroom-shaped bruise on his face after being slapped with another man's penis.
After engaging in some hardcore flippy floppy, Eric was ashamed to show his face in public.
#penis #bruise #mushroom #flip-flop #scared shitless
by passion partier May 01, 2009
A pimp, literally.
When I'm not making money flippin dope, I'm flippin chickens.
#pimp #dope #hooker #whore #rap
by passion partier April 27, 2009
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