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just live your life and don't care what the haters say
dude i'm just trying to "freak the dream"
by partyyourfaceoff1 March 05, 2009
1. To do bad thangs, like drive into a car
2. The feeling you get while doing these "bad thangs," similar to an adrenaline rush or acid trip.
"Did you know that you could perhaps kill someone?"
"Yes, but I wanted to do hoodrush stuff with my friends."
by partyyourfaceoff1 March 07, 2009
(adj.) a lot of fun, sweet like the coolest thing ever, not necessarily related to partying but describes cool elements of the coolest party ever
dude that top is so "party". his hair is so not "party", it is totally lame. looking at her "party" nails makes me want to get crunk in hur
by partyyourfaceoff1 March 05, 2009
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