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Subliminal clues that you try to notice from unsuspecting individuals at a party or social gathering after you make a statement that includes an intentional racial slur. The point of doing this is to judge the reaction of your peers to find out if its acceptable to use these slurs at free will and not have the fear of offending anyone.
Josh: Alex, can i say nigger here?
Alex: I dont know, find some jigaboo Clues..
Josh: (to everyone at the party) Man!! Ben Wallace is a bigg nigg!!!
Person From The Party: "YEAAAAA.. THAT NIGGA'S HUGE"
Person From The Party 2: "THATS A GIANT NIGGA FO SHO!!"
Josh: Cool, we're safe.
Alex: Ok, thanks for checking. I owe ya one, i almost forgot to check."
Josh: No problem, Nigga!
by partysafetyfirst February 04, 2009

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