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When someone that is used receiving dick is suddenly left without it, causing withdrawal symptoms to occur.
That chick Devandra, she's going through total Dickdrawal right now. I caught her grinding that kid Skip's arm from accounting in the break room.
by partycrashers October 11, 2009
An individual who develops a dependence on sexual interaction with the male genitalia. This "addiction" can be both physical and mental, causing the addict to go through "dickdrawl" if without dick for too long a time.
Hey man, you know Bob from finance? He is a total Dick Junky. I just caught him looking at my dick in the bathroom, licking his lips and sweating.
by partycrashers October 11, 2009
An anus that is still fresh and youthful, vibrantly pink and "unused". There is an absence of veins and hair or feces for that matter. These anuses often resemble recently chewed pink bubble gum that still has its buoyancy and elasticity, hence the name.
You know that dude Dedo from Human Resources? Man oh' man, I saw him bend over in a skirt without panties on. He had total-Pink-Puckered Buggle Gum. I bet you I could chew that shit up and blow bubbles.
by partycrashers October 11, 2009

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