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S=south: Alon
W=west: Leib
E=east: Jake
N=north: Daniel

this is a group of 4 guys that call themselves swen
they all live in different parts of Berkeley, California hence: south west east north
they r best friends
they r all Jewish except for Daniel
but he is an honorary jew
they r pretty homosexual but not officially together. they r pretty cool. if a swen member reads this plz comment or if u r a swen fan.
person 1:lets get together with swen
person 2:ok but they better not rearrange my lawn furniture.
person 1: ya i guess. but that was pretty funny
person 2: ya it was. those r 4 silly guyz!'
person 1: definitely!!

also can be used as verb and adjective
swening, swen
by part swenner January 12, 2009

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