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Julia is the ideal modern woman. She is beautiful and feminine, while still being smart and assertive. She can be tough when it calls for it, but most of the time she is warm, sweet, funny, and sexy as hell. She can be a mother, worker, or a lover with equal ease. A julia often likes to wear her hair up to take care of business but when she lets it down it will take your breath away. She can be bossy at times, but only because she knows what she wants and if u don't want to fall behind you should just do as she says. If a guy is fortunate enough to find this rare breed it is best to honor her perfection as best you can. This is the type of woman who can have cute little feet, rock a pair of thigh-highs, yet still know her way around a military rifle.
Dood 1: Wow that woman is a hot mix of everything.
Dood 2: I know! I hope she breaks up with that guy so I can go out with her. She is such a julia.
by paroxetine killed my sex life February 05, 2010

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