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22 definitions by parlez

something that doesn't really gain you any marks at all - teachers just enjoy laughing at you whilst you spend every waking hour frantically doing it, lose your sanity and then, inevitably, your hair.

solution: write copious ammounts of crap to punish the poor sod who has to mark it. mwah hah.
...I have chosen this hypothesis because it is now 3am and my brain has actually just given up, slipped out of my ear and run off with the cat.
by parlez February 08, 2005
verb: to spaz out

this basically means to either:
a) have a spasm/twitch type thing
or b) get extremely angry and go a bit mental.
a) will you stop spazzing out? it's only a spider...

b) we pissed off our chemistry teacher so much today she just spazzed out!
by parlez February 17, 2005
word to describe something that is fantasticly fabulous and fabulously fantastic.

must be pretty darn good then...
"omg, that is FANTABULOUS!!!"
by parlez February 17, 2005
Count Olaf is the very villainous, extremely evil, appallingly awful, perfectly putrid, terribly turbulent, unbeleivably unpleasant, completely corrupt, repeatedly ruthless, ineffably immoral, openly obnoxious, totally troublesome, wickedly wrong, never-endingly nasty, flagrantly foul, big-headedly bad, cunning count, who is a major character in the 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' books, and is obssessed with obtaining the vast Baudelaire fortune. Despite all of the afore-mentioned descriptions of this devilish-deed-doer, he is surprisingly sexy, as he is an evil genius with a cool tattoo (of an eye on his left ankle for all you who hav not yet been awakened to the world of Lemony Snicket and co.) who always has a scheme up his long, grubby sleeve.
you can pretty much guarantee that any of the dodgy new characters will tun out to be him...
"That's not Stephano, it's COUNT OLAF!"
"That's not Captain Sham, it's COUNT OLAF!"
" That's not Shirley the receptionist, it's COUNT OLAF!"
...yadda yadda yadda
by parlez January 10, 2005
someone who trawls through random strangers' msn MySpaces, leaving inane comments in the vain hope that they might get some equally inane comments in return, in order to boost their own crippingly small sense of self-worth.

harsh but true.
by parlez July 26, 2005
the mysterious author of A Series of Unfortunate Events, who is also a character in the books.

his writing tends to be very pessimistic and deliberately dreary, to discourage any foolish would-be reader of his woeful books from inflicting any unnecessary suffering and misery on themselves by reading about the terribly unfortunate lives of the three Baudelaire orphans. despite this however, he has now become a world-wide bestselling author. oops.

oh, and he is also fictional.
his works to date:

The Bad Beginning
The Reptile Room
The Wide Window
The Miserable Mill
The Austere Academy
The Ersatz Elevator
The Vile Village
The Hostile Hospital
The Carnivorous Carnival
The Slippery Slope
The Grim Grotto
by parlez January 11, 2005
this is an infinately more irritating variation on the infamous "are we theeeeere yet?" question, which is relentlessly asked by bored children on long car jouneys.
whereas the question "are we there yet?" makes sense - seeing as you're talking about the place that you are HEADING to that you haven't actually REACHED yet - the question "are we here?" (which is asked as the journey is drawing to a close) is entirely infuriating. the reason is this: whenever, and WHEREever, you utter this question, the answer will always be 'yes! of course we're 'here' you silly child!! you could at least ask an annoying question that makes SENSE!!"
parent: "ooh look, there's the sign for our hotel!"
child: "are we here?"
parent: *flips out and chucks child out of window*
by parlez January 18, 2005