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derived from the term fupa (fat upper pubic or pussy area)
A fupa-knot is a fupa so large you must enter the anus or (KNOT) from a rear entry position in order to acheive sexual satisfaction.

Also describes a person who will not have intercorse with a large fupa, IE fupa not.
The girl had to take it in the anus because of her large fupa-knot.

Guy 1. Would you have sex with her?
Guy 2. Not with that huge fupa-knot.
by parker19777 December 02, 2006
Car slang for a person who has good credit and can finance a vehicle,

opposite of a credit criminal.

Also can refer to a person who has enough money to pay cash for a new vehicle.
Bill Gates citizen:
Homeless person Credit Criminal

(Sales manager)Lets go, buddy you"ve got your self a citizen.
(Sales Person) About time all I've been getting is creep's weirdo's and stroker's
by parker19777 January 20, 2009
Slang for chinese food.
Sales manager - What are we doing for lunch today?
Employee - Lets get some MUCK MUCK.
Salesmanager - Chinese again.
Employee - Hey nothing say's loving like Hot MUCK MUCK on a rain afternoon.
by parker19777 May 14, 2011

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