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The act of piggy backing off of anothers joke with less than funny results.
Tom:Where were you 5 years ago Gary?
Randy: He was in High School
cue laughter
Paul:NO! Middle school!!!
Silence; Crickets; Tumbleweed
Paul:MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by parkay September 24, 2004
Pretending to be deaf so that you don't have to listen to your loan officers complaints.
Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve!!!!!
by parkay September 24, 2004
Screwing a customer both professionally and physically.
So what we'll need to do is get your paystubs, W2's, credit card information, and you in the missionary position.
by parkay September 24, 2004
A person in a sales environment that tries to take more leads than everyone else. Grabbing at them, like loose cookies in Ethiopia.
Ray was grabbing deals of the hotline like a stinkin lead whore.
by parkay September 24, 2004
The act of employing a banana, or similarly shaped vegetable as a primer for anal penetration.
Lee said his girl let him give her a cheeky chicquita.
by parkay September 24, 2004
A sexual act wherein the lady has to give the man a boost up with a cushion, phone book, or ladder in order to reach her labia.
"Paul M.'s wife could not get off even though they used the escalator.
by parkay September 20, 2004
Having sexy intercourse with several people in your work, and never breathe a word to anyone.
He nailed everyone in HQ and kept it in Morse Code.
by parkay September 24, 2004

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