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a touch of something very very special. converts the humdrum every day to bells and whistles with extra sparkly bits.
When speaking of a highly tuned scooter..

"Well it's had a bit of shiny red magic" = it goes like stink!
by parka February 08, 2012
Alright, so I listen to the whole "emo" craze, poor me. Now, it seems to be a general opinion that kids like me listen to Hawthorne Heights. Please, God, no. I have given them a chance, I really have, but they just generally suck. Now, I understand that they do have quite a large fan base. Though, I will point out that most of this fan base consists of scenesters who don't really have a taste in music. Anyways, back on topic. I recently saw them live on Black Clouds and Underdogs, and well, this is me, spent the whole set mocking them. Some kids out there can listen to emo and actually have respect for music. It's that very same respect that causes my dislike to Hawthorne Heights. They're more or less ruining music.
Wow, I come off as a complete bitch. Maybe it's because I'm telling you the truth about oMg!11!11~~da best emo band EVARR!!!!!111~~!11
Or not. Hopefully some of you can spell.
Hawthorne Heights were so lame last night. Almost made me want to cut myself.
by Parka April 17, 2006

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