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5 definitions by parenteau

to have harm, anger or trouble of some sort inflicted on you. From the Homestarisms ARROWED! and CEREBELLUM'D!
That guy got totally ARROWBELLUM'D!
by parenteau May 25, 2004
Slang. see "Represent"
Repizent, D-Dawg Homes. Unh, unh, Skippy Dawg for the O-T-T 6-1-3 bustin' a beat for this!
by parenteau May 25, 2004
A muscly short kid who plays guitar and wears earrings and attracts all the girls in the world.
That guy's such a little Manderface!
by parenteau May 25, 2004
A store...called Bowring...it must be pretty.....BORING!
Bowring is sooooooo BORING
by parenteau May 25, 2004
1. killed 2. beat up 3. got angry at 4. ruined
1. That cat deaded the mouse.
2. Manderson stole my idea so I deaded him.
3. Fleck's dad deaded him when he got home late.
4. Skippy Dawg deaded my computer.
by parenteau May 25, 2004