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What the ignorant world call the people who train there asses off to help injured people. We Are EMT's and PARAMEDICS. Yes we do drive an ambulance, but are way more intelligent than people give credit. WE get abused, mistreated, spit on, cussed at, belittled on a daily basis, miss numerous hours of sleep and miss meals all so we can take you to the hospital, even if it is not truly an emergency and you just want a ride because you believe you will get seen faster. POLICE ARE THE FINEST, FIREFIGHTERS ARE THE BRAVEST AND EMS ARE THE FORGOTTEN.
I called 911 and the ambulance drivers showed up.
by paragod October 04, 2007
When you insert an m-80, black-cat or other explosive firework into one's anus and light the fuse, thus creating a brown eye blow out.
I always thought Selina was crazy, but when she pulled off a brown eye blow out, i was amazed.
by paragod October 15, 2007

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