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Common people, ignorant masses, etc...
A concept that may be understood as an extremely large group of people all over the world. All of them may not think for their own, either for economical reasons (lack of food/ too much exhaustive work), or just plain ignorance of the human sciences (lack of education).

The purpose of this social class is to be controlled by extremelly small groups of people through propaganda, they can hold any kind of ideas, they use the masses as means of power in the whole system.
A: join me and we'll have more parades and fireworks, national pride ftw!
ignorant masses: deal

B: join me and I'll give you social security and unemployment insurance.
ignorant masses: deal

C: join me and we'll take properties from evil burgeoise and everybody will be equal.
ignorant masses: deal

D: if you don't buy this brand new Iphone, you will not be as cool as your friends. Buy one today and get a 15% discount.
ignorant masses: deal

PS: the above examples have been extremely simplified, the model is actually 500 times more complex IRL.
by paperstapler December 06, 2009

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