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4 definitions by papers

lovely, big titties.
man, she's got a set of flesh pumpkins on her.
by papers October 05, 2008
a rather small penis. this refers to the small stub of pencil normally found in a betting shop or bookmakers, the shortened version of which is known as a bookie.
he's got a cock like a bookie's pencil.
by papers March 24, 2007
A poo smear on the back of your underpants caused by the emerging stool
I need the toilet right now, I've just had the turtles autograph.
by papers July 16, 2011
a z-list celebrity. someone who's only claim to fame is having appeared on a reality tv show or other no-brain entertainment.
"they aren't so much a celebrity, more like an obscurity"
by papers June 07, 2007