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In or at that indicated place: the house over yonder.

Being at an indicated distance, usually within sight: “Yonder hills,” he said, pointing.

One that is at an indicated place, usually within sight.


Look over there at the big blue yonder.
by papermachete October 27, 2005
(v.) 1. To waste time idly. 2. To mess up something. 3. To tease (goof on).

(n.) A silly or inept person.
Because I goofed (waste time), I goofed (messed up) my speech, and even worse, Nadia goofed on (teased) me for it; now I feel like such a goof (inept person).
by papermachete October 30, 2005
A word describing anything done in school that's a waste of time.
This "educational" stuff was boring as shit. I'd rather whack off to Freddy Kruger in a jungle with the lights out.
by PaperMachete October 24, 2005
Instead of saying boring as fuck you say boring ass fuck to show that you are so really really really ridiculously bored that you would rather see two or more people ass fuck each other or participate in it than pay attention or do whatever it is that's boring.

A more extreme version of boring ass.
That movie was so boring ass fuck that i started to gouge my eyes out.
by PaperMachete October 25, 2005
a good way to avoid getting shizzle done and still get a fularious education
Urbandictionary.com rules my fucking life.
by PaperMachete October 24, 2005
It means poison in German, one of a couple of words that sound like English but have funny meanings in German.

Rad or cool.
Das Gift stinkt wie Updawg.

That flip was so gift.
by papermachete November 02, 2005
amphibian that tastes like chicken fried or cooked.

amphibian you lick to get high if it's of the hallucinogenic sort from the Amazon.
this frog leg tastes like chicken.

stoner1: couldja pass me that there frog, bra?
stoner2: as soon as i'm done licking the hallucinogenic agents off of it's epidermal coating dude.

by papermachete October 26, 2005

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