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Some random shit I defined it as: What you say if you didn't want to hear something or see something as if to "ex" or slash or erase it from one's memory.

(n.) A former boyfriend or girlfriend.

(n.) A former anything.
*see picture of naked grandma* EX!!

Nadia: I love you, but I think we should spend sometime apart for a change.
Mike: EX!!

Genghis Khan was an ex-ruler of Mongolia and much of Asia.
by papermachete October 27, 2005
1. (n.) What happens when a deer has sexual relations with an elk.

2. (n.) A product of boredom and having no life.
1. When the deer got it on with the elk, they had a delk.

2. This definition is definitely a delk.
by papermachete October 28, 2005

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