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A stupid kid that is high on weed(Fo sho) and mentally retarded(IQ:19). There is evidence of this. For example, every single day of her life, she travels to 3 different places with a talking backpack, a talking map, and a talking monkey. Also, if you ever see her, you will not miss her horrible eyesight. She uses a computer mouse instead of wearing dark sunglasses and using a cane to find her way through to the third location. Did you see what I wrote? I wrote A FUCKING COMPUTER MOUSE. Very strange. Signs of hallucinations have been reported. Like a talking EVRYTIHNING and a dumb hustler(stealer) named swiper. She says,"swiper no swiping", most of the time. She acts like she is in some sort of different place than where she is in reality(the doctors at the mental hospital have problems with her. Like when she falling on the stairs. Strangely, she doesn't feel it.).
Dora the Explorer: Say Backpack!
Doctor: Please, dora this is urgent, we cannot play right now.
Dora: Louder!
Dora:Yay backpack!
Doctor:Get the shots, NOW!
Dora:Can you find my LSD?
Dora:Good job!
Doctor 2: I just injected her! She's still calm! WTF?!
Dora: We did it horray!
Doctor: HOLY SHIT, DORA!! Thats the WINDOW!!!!
*Rest in IQ D.Explorer.*
by paper man July 14, 2006
A man who behaves like a pussy. Weak and spineless, worships women and feels unworthy for them, the typical femdominated slave, has no sense of own dignity. The typical westerner. Would never beat a hoe even in self-defence. Thinks those who dare to do it are fr sure monsters and should be executed right away. A no-man. The absolute opposite to a macho. A shitmonger.
Ya such a pussyman! Why did ya let that shitty whore sit on your face!
by Paper man November 03, 2014

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