5 definitions by papaya

white, black, and asian
"damn, that girl is cablasian!"
by papaya December 16, 2004
an acronym meaning "Average White Guy"
Look at that AWG, he ain't got no game!

::Point and laugh::
by papaya October 11, 2004
a fancy way of saying coward
"I'm smarter than you so I use big words like dastard to describe myself."
by papaya January 30, 2005
A large decorated dildo usually constructed from a whiffle ball bat and dressed with girly slut things like glitter and tinsel to create the ticking effect.
"Frenchticklers are all the rave in Japan."
by papaya January 30, 2005
an extremely ugly, unattractive, or otherwise undesirable female
You: Yo, that girl is wingdings.
Friend: Word, just look at that shit.

::Ugly girl walks up to you::
Wingding: (Insert random greeting)
You: Sorry, I don't speak windings.
by papaya March 16, 2005

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