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During sex, participant A sticks a slide whistle up the anus of participant B. Participant B must then expel gas through their anus, hopefully making the slide whistle make a sound. If performed correctly this will sound like the character 'Tiny Clanger' from the iconic British children's TV show Clangers.
"How are you enjoying your new slide whistle?"
"It is great! Last night I was doing my wife and I gave her a Tiny Clanger."
by papa poop 2 July 29, 2009
A depraved scatalogical act for three people. After eating several bowls of chilli and drinking tequilla the protagonist stands naked on a chair and deficates into the mouth of the first partner who is kneeling beneath the chair. This person allows the faeces to overflow and fall down into the mouth of the second partner who is lying on their back on the floor.
"How was your recent trip to Mexico?"
"It was great, I met these two dudes and gave them a Mexican Waterfall!"
by papa poop 2 July 29, 2009

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