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An alcohal induced illusion much like a miragewhere you find your existance altered to either a pleasant reality or a terrible nightmare. Beerages usually manifest in the bar or club scene when you are one of the last 9 people left, and you see the most beautiful woman ever before you. You go home with jenna jameson and wake up next to a 3rd generation inbread woman with leg braces, 4 teeth, and a mustache thicker than grizzly adams with the armpit hair to match, green stained undies and a crotch that smells like rotten cabbage.
"Dude, clark went home with a total swamp donkey last night. He definately was caught in a beerage!"
by papa Luig' June 19, 2007
Also known as dingleberry or assbugar. A small rolled up ball of toilet paper stuck or tangled in the hair of the butt crack. Alternatively it can be the dried up remains of a sexual encounter left in the pubic hair as a result of bad hygiene.
"That girl was so nasty! When I got her out of her panties all I saw were whisker biscuits!"
by papa Luig' June 19, 2007

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