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Hot, sexy young female
paris hilton, she is toite
by paolo February 14, 2004
Just look at him.

Set and match.
wat a fucken moron
If hes President i should be a fucken god
by Paolo January 20, 2004
a subdivision of metal which focuses in melody and precision, often dealing with themes from the Dark ages like fairies, elves and stuff. Looking alike and sounding alike is an unusually common tendency within bands of this genre
Rhapsody and Blind Guardian can duke it out for the second prize while Boanerges calmly takes the first place.
by Paolo April 03, 2004
An amalgam of all and any form of music, put forth in a form of rock. Often political. Started in Gothemburg, Sweden.
The Virgins play powerful central rock
by Paolo March 19, 2005
a man who hosts his own tv show and gives cures for various diseases such as cancer and gonorrea. His assistant is called johnathon
and now its time for........ DOCTOR JASON
by paolo April 08, 2004
When ones hamburger is so full of lettuce that it can no longer be classed as a burger, but rather a salad
"Fuck! They've wendied my burger"
by Paolo January 09, 2005
A can with worms in it...
"Oh look, theres a can with worms in it!"
by Paolo February 12, 2004

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