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A U.S. Army term for a person who will point out how fucked up your boots and uniform are. But in contrast their uniform and boots are worse than yours. This type of person is either a supervisor or a peer. Often associated with spot light rangers.
Hey man where the hell are you going we are supposed to be in the motorpool. Well the boot weasel caught me at the gate this morning and pointed out in front of the Sergeant Major that my boots were fucked up. So now I have to go to Mount Olympus this afternoon to show him that I am really squared away. Well it sounds to me that the boot weasel pulled out his ball bag musket and put his balls in your mouth. No man it felt like doing the hamstring stretch standing while someone put their vein laden meat pipe in my ass.
by pantyteamaster August 08, 2010
A meeting that takes place between co workers in order to fuck over another co worker. Can also be a meeting between so called friends in order to fuck over one of their buddies.
Hey man we need to see you tonight after work. We are having a knife in the middle of the back meeting. Yeah I know we have to hang Tom out to dry for that bullshit he pulled last week. He thinks he fucked us over but we are going to get him in the end.
by pantyteamaster July 28, 2010
Another term used for saying someone has just put their balls in your mouth. Usually happens when the big boss man comes down to your office for a visit and finds something he thinks is wrong. He will pull out the ball bag musket and shoot some balls in your mouth and make you look like an idiot in front of your subordinates and peers.
Hey man you hear about what happened today when the boss came down? No what happened? Well we had a surprise visit today from the corporate office and the regional manager didn't like what he saw. So he pulled out the ball bag musket and put his balls in my mouth and made me look like a dumbass. Man that right there is some fey luck right there. I know that is going to result in a trip to Mount Olympus. Well good luck.
by pantyteamaster August 06, 2010
A contract weasel is a person in a large sales organization that just sits around the office. He/she will appear busy when the boss is around. But in all actuality they are doing personal business on the company time. The only reason they are sitting there is to catch a call in or a person to walk in to the office. This type of individual is very very common in Military Recruiting offices. Although they are less common in the civilian world. Because their types of actions would get them fired. This person also has close association to the boot weasel. They think they know everything there is to know about sales but they really don't know shit.
Hey Jim who do you have going to MEPS this week? I am sending down Tim...What? you mean that dude I met last week down at the store. Yeah he came in ready to join. What the fuck? You are nothing but a damn contract weasel. Thanks for nothing you jackass now I have to go to Mount Olympus because I am going to roll a zero this month.
by pantyteamaster August 25, 2010
Can be used as a term to describe meetings that do not accomplish anything but wasting your valuable time. Usually meetings that consist of sales or production meetings, could also be board meetings. Being in meetings of this sort makes you want to beat the hell out of whoever is in charge of you. This type of meeting is usally accompanied by complete asshatery. And is a complete waste of time.
Hey man where are you going so late in the day. Oh you didn't hear...The higher ups are calling a late night hide the sausage meeting. Yeah I know those things suck. It's complete asshatery at its finest. Well let me go I have to go and play hide the sausage.
by pantyteamaster May 09, 2009
This is a place similar to Mount Olympus. But the only difference is, this is the place where the Mount Olympus supervisors have to go when they have fucked up. Think of it as the Boss's boss. As a matter of fact you never ever want to go to this place.
Hey why the hell does the boss have such a shitty attitude today. Oh you didn't hear. The people at the top caught wind of what the fuck is going on down here. So they are calling his ass to Mount Kilimanjaroe. Oh hell that is worse than going to Mount Olympus. Yeah I know man I never want to go to that damn place. I hear they breed asshats up there. Yeah and they have an arsenal of ball bag muskets too.
by pantyteamaster August 25, 2010
The act of rubbing your ball bag on articles on a coworkers belongings. This type of behavior should only be reserved for people you extremely don't like. Types of things that can be teabagged are telephone recievers, cell phones, computer mouse, laptop computer, pens, car keys, id cards, glasses cases, documents, whiteout bottles, coffee cup rims, etc. You get the idea. Essentially just rubbing your nuts all over a persons belongings that you don't like or just plain hate. Can also be done for fun as a prank.
Hey I know you are the new guy here but if I were you don't use the supervisors phone. It's been teabagged so many times it's not even funny no more. I have been teabagging everything on his desk for the last year.

When he gives me hell, I don't care I have been teabagging his phone for years.
by pantyteamaster April 14, 2009

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