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The act of thrusting a dildo or buttplug in and out of one's anal cavity for sexual gratification; masturbating anally
Even though Jerrod is a str8 guy, that don't stop him from packing the missile from time to time, whatever floats his boat or plugs his hole.

I had no idea Lola was a poo pipe princess until I walked in on her packing the missile, what a kinky, yet lovely sight.
by pandono September 11, 2011
Spanish term for anal bleaching.(Lit bleaching of the anus)
Francisquita recibio un certificado del salon de belleza Pink Cheeks para blanqueo del ano.
by pandono March 26, 2009
1. A drugstore creme bleach, usually in most walmart neighborhood stores as well as wal-greens stores, used to bleach facial hair, but can however be used as an anal bleaching cream. Especially when anal bleaching on a budget.

2. Vt. The action of applying joleen bleach to your derrierre
Luke saw his nana's joleen bleach laying around (which she uses for her mustache), one day he decided to go where no man goes, by applying nana'sjoleen bleach on his bunghole to turn his chocolate spider vanilla, poor bastard could not sit,fart, nor shit right for a week. Anal Bleaching gone wrong and no he did not get the job as a jockstrap model! Poor Motherfucker!

Sheena was definitely joleening her butt crack before going out!
by pandono February 11, 2012

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