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A quote from Dragon Ball Abridged, a fan based parody of Dragon Ball broad casted on you tube. Krillin is one of the main characters in Dragon Ball and in this parody, he is hated by every character where the line 'No one cares Krillin!' is a form of hatred in a comedic perspective. This is said to people who is not required to give your attention or someone who has said something exaggerated to another person who has no interest to the subject.
Sally: OMG! I got a big paper cut and it really hurts!!!
Greg: No one cares Krillin!
by panda-coach ricky November 25, 2009
When having to pee in a blacked out bathroom when the electricity is cut at the middle of the night or simply the light bulb in the room has burst.
When i didn't pay my electric bill, the power in the house was cut at 10:00 pm where I has to blind fire in the bathroom but I was no where near the toilet and urinated on my Nike sneakers.
by panda-coach ricky November 25, 2009
Noob read upside down(see the definition for noob for more inquiry). Usually typed to confuse the opponent for a moment and display even more of their stupidity
On Facebook
Brad's status: Oh yea I just got another trophy on Cod!
Matt's comment: You're such a qoou, i got platinum ages ago

Brad reading Matts comment in confusion.....

Brads comment: Hey I'm no noob!
by panda-coach ricky April 13, 2010
1)When a person asks one or more individual for a small amount of money when they are a few cents short to purchase an item.

2)When someone takes the coins in an ashtray, a bottom of a purse, a wallet or anything else that has the probability for spare change to purchase an item. This activity usually occurs in a drive-thru, movie theater or a fast food restaurant.

Eric: How much is it for the Chicken Burger?
Shop attendant: $5.99
Eric: Damn it I'm 20 cents short, do you have any spare change Mike?
Mike: Dude, your such a penny scavenger!

When Eric realized that he was 20 cents short for the meal that he ordered at the drive-thru, he suddenly became a penny scavenger and looked at every corner of his car to find the required money.
by panda-coach ricky November 25, 2009
A mixed word with giant and ausome put together. Is used to state that something is big and cool, usually a compliment for TVs, cars houses e.c.t
Correct example:
Matt: Look at this 60 inch TV that i bought from best buy yesterday!!!
Todd: Dude, that ginausome!!!

incorrect example:
Matt: Dude, i bought this pill on ebay and look what it did.
Todd: Wow, thats ginausome!!!
Matt: I know right with this I'll get every girl n town!!!!
by panda-coach ricky March 08, 2010

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