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2 definitions by pamocan

A fuknik is someone that fucks-up frequently. It's also exclaimed out of frustration by teammates when someone on the team fucks-up.

Originates from the many Sputnik space program fuck-ups.
Nicholas: (shanks the ball, yet again)
Eric: "FUKNIK!"
Paul: "Go easy, you'll make him cry."
Eric: "That fuknik needs some skills-N-drills practice. He sucks."
Paul: "It won't help, he double-sucks."
Nicholas: (overhears and leaves sobbing)
by pamocan August 20, 2010
A beyond just bad individual performance that turns what should be a win into a loss. The performance is so much worse than just sucking that it's as though the double-sucker was trying to screw you over.

Originates from sharing a small amount of weed where someone double-sucked the joint and left the others without the high they rightly deserved.
Carson: How'd we lose that game tonight? We should have killed them.
Paul: We would have if Eric just sucked as usual, but he double-sucked us all night.
by pamocan June 25, 2010