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"Tragedy"+"Geocache" = "Tragicache". The activity of geocache, but placement of the cache is designed to emphasize a tragedy. Common participant characteristics include hijacking a conversation and turning it towards the latest tragedy; talking about personal hardships (a.k.a. "TMI"); or dwelling on tragic local news topics.
I am so excited to tragicache the site of that accident that killed three teenagers! I saw it on the news!! Did you know that Victor Gondola also geocaches?
by Pale Rider May 03, 2007
When two or more people, generally men, simultaneously urinate in a single recepticle. Wrigleystyle originated at Wrigley Field, home to the Chicago Cubs, with the famous urine troughs located in the men's lavatories. Wrigleystyle is not to be confused with the golden shower. The basis for Wrigleystyle is communal bladder relief among drinking buddies, whereas the golden shower is widely recognized as deviant sexual behavior.
I got so trashed with Bay and G-Love last night; we went on a burrito run and ended up going Wrigleystyle in the Taco Bell bathroom.
by Pale Rider May 17, 2007
Refers to an individual, usually a hothead, that rambles on about their athletic prowess. Popular among beer-league softball players and former high-school athletes that may or may not have earned a Varsity letter. Easily spotted in a crowd by their glorious mullet.
Zip it Track Jacket! No one is interested!
by Pale Rider May 03, 2007
The practice of overemphasizing generally accepted social norms, whether it be physical, mental, or sexual. A Baystyle-practioner may throw a calous elbow resulting in a bloody nose; merciless taunting that reduces an individual to tears; or an unspeakable, pimp-like sexual experience. The Baystyle originated in the Pacific Northwest and is practiced by an elite few, and to this day it is not uncommon to hear that somone "...got Baystyled".
That was a brutal foul. Baystyle.
by Pale Rider May 17, 2007
Pick-up line used by a chubby chaser. When phrased as a question, it loosely translates into "I want to sex you, you big fat fatty, and nothing more. Are you interested?" Is particularily effective after excessive drinking, but is equally likely to end with a drink being tossed in the face followed by a slap. Also popular among frat boys, with the latter outcome most likely to occur.
Hollywood: "Moo?"
Fatty: "The fuck did you say, asshole?"
Hollywood, laughing: "Moo?"
Fatty: "Alright daddy, but keep it on the brown low."
by Pale Rider August 06, 2007
A term used in a corporate setting to describe a useless co-worker prone to drama dialing. Like a trained chimp, the colleague can answer a phone, type email and fling feces. However, the person is easily distracted and incapacitated by drama dialing and generating a dreply to all, emulating a chimp hepped up on dust. In group settings, the dusted chimp can be observed rambling and annoying those involved.
Danimal: Did you get Tonya in the meeting?
Shredder: How could I miss it- total dusted chimp.
by Pale Rider July 30, 2007
Friends and colleagues of Hollywood who must vigilantly endure his peacock tendencies, including constant preening, self-praise, and leering at women, especially fatties.
Clark: Did you and Tina go out with Hollywood last night?
Duncan: Yeah, we were Hollywood Handlers. You should have seen the tramp stamps stretched across some of those wide-load heffers. Hollywood wanted to keep it on the brown low.
by Pale Rider July 05, 2007

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