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to be caused to seize due to presumably nothing, as if by air. to shake and jump as if electorcuted when not actually being electorcuted.
Phil went to put in Madden 07 and proceeded to airocute.

Salman often aircutes in public places and it is quite funny.
by pal86 September 30, 2007
1.) a hyperactive child

2.) someone that is extremely hyper

3.) someone who lacks control over their actions, verbal diarhea
Man your son is a real micklo, he cant sit still.

My roommate is a giant micklo, hes loud as shit and is constantly active.
by pal86 October 01, 2007
a form of rehab, said mostly when drunk.
They tried to make me go to goobrahab but i sad no no no,
by pal86 September 30, 2007

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