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Going to the gym before a party and only lifting weights with your tricepts, bicepts, and other very noticeable muscles depending on what you'll be wearing so you look stronger and more appealing to the ladies than you are. Usually, muscles targeted during a weight lifting session are more swole than they normally are for a few hours.
Damn, Klem, youre looking pretty scrawny today. Lets go to the gym and do a party pump so we can score some slutty women.
by pakedaddy August 01, 2007
a monster piece of crap
Awe, shit, I just went into that porta-potty and some jerk left a humongus butt dragon right next to the seat.
by pakedaddy December 06, 2007
silly, backwards-ass rural folks, country bumpkins, and rednecks
You should bring protection when going camping in some rural areas in the south just in case you encounter a pig-fucking sillbilly
by pakedaddy August 13, 2007
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