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2 definitions by pajama panties

"DEEEEZZZ NUTZ!!!!" is the immidiate response to a persons question "who?". It must be done in a loud and ridonculously obnoxious manner.
guySo, did what's his face get ahold of you last night?



by pajama panties December 22, 2007
A chinese fuck is when a white man, black man (ecspecially!), or anyone with a large enough penis (6" or more) cracks jokes at short, chinese penis's.

The man fucks a woman with a half-stroke...it's called chinese fucking!!!
girl - "why are you only putting it in half-way?"
white man - "because I'm chinese fucking you baby!"

girl - "why are you only putting the head of your cock in me?"
black man - "it's called a chinese fuck baby!"

girl - "are you putting your dick in me yet?"
chinese man - "yes I am. I am chinese and I'm chinese fucking you baby!"
by pajama panties December 26, 2007