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When you tie a big magnet to a rope and dangle it down in a lake or big body of water and pick up all kinds of cool metal things.
The other day my boyfriend and I went magnet fishing off of the dam, but we only got a slimy peice of rebarb.
by Paige June 15, 2006
Something bad happened to you, or someone.
"Man, my heart got llamafied today.."
by Paige October 01, 2002
awesome or like really kool
1.thats a bamtastic band
2.thats just bamtastic
by Paige January 25, 2005
After her wreck, Her car is FUBAR
by Paige October 05, 2004
A style developed around 2005. A few ways to describe it: tomboy with style. Mixture of grunge and electric styles. Idealistically, if pearls match the outfit, it fits together. Started as a silent backlash to 'emo' and 'scene' labels.
Did you see that girl with the chucks and pearls? That is so grunge femme.
by Paige December 29, 2004
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