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Genre with a ton of soul and takes a ton of talent to produce, unlike Brostep where kids can just download a pirated copy of Fruity Loops, add some kicks+snares, high pitched robot sounds, wobbles, and produce that trash under Dubstep. Dubstep is not "Filthy", that is Brostep. Dubstep is all about the sub bass, again, what Brostep is not. Dubstep does not have the hip hop lyrics or the crazy annoying wobbles, that is Brostep. The Dubstep community is slowing turning to shit because of the mass influx of 11 year old kids new to this think Skrillex, Flux Pavillion, Doctor P, etc is cool so they try to be cool by copy and pasting overused jokes like the beaten to death "dirtier than fingering your sister" joke which for some shitty reason is the most thumbs up definition for Dubstep. Want to see proof of this atrocity? Go look at the comments posted at UKFDubstep and Skrillex videos.
I wouldn't be surprised if MTV turned Dubstep(Brostep) into "the next big thing" and ruins the genre like how they ruined all the other forms of music.
by pagonda September 03, 2011

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