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Non-metal version of play Athens. Clint Mansell - The Fountain and Neil Young - Crazy Horse at the Fillmore 1970 are an example. You can verify this on the 2007 custom chart, include archival and live releases.

Note that in this case, Neil Young's Fillmore release is the one that got played.
I was checking Live at Massey Hall 1971 and After the Gold Rush, and I saw Neil Young play Fillmore on himself!
by paganinio June 13, 2008
METAL RELEASE A has higher and more ratings than METAL RELEASE B, but somehow is rymked lower. Alive in Athens and Still Life are the best example for this.

If neither of the two releases are metal, use play Fillmore instead.
Cynic's Focus is better than anything Metallica has done since Master of Puppets, but Metallica managed to play Athens on me.
by paganinio June 13, 2008

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