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Omegle is an online chatroom where you don't need an account. Thought as a Paedophile Heaven for some.
Actual Omegle Convos.

Stranger: Hi, horny, 16.
You: Uhm...
Stranger: asl?
You: 12, f, uk
Stranger: Cute. Send me pic. :D
You have disconnected.


You: hi
Stranger: hi. im v horny.
You: LOL
Stranger: bra size?
You: 34dd
Stranger: HOT!
You: really. i hate having these manboobs.
Your conversational...
by paedoproof February 04, 2010
A beautiful drink. It's a non carbonated drink and is a product of The Coca Cola Company. Always on shelves around UK. Mostly seen as an alternative to water.
Cool person:Lunch break. Let's go down to Tesco and get some Oasis.
Nerd: Wha?
Cool person: Its an awesome drink, you tard.
Nerd: Im gettin some water.
Cool person: What the fuck? You need to be killed. Water is shit up to Oasis.
by paedoproof February 05, 2010

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