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Any hi class rickshaw driver from central jersey who can shred on the monkey bars. A stro's enemies typically consist of malnourished cave dwelling kangaroos from Parsippany, New Jersey. When wild, a stro is usually a grass grazer but they've been known to kill their masters and survive off their thumb nails, when bread in captivity.
Ah shit, look at that stro with thumb nail blood all over his mouf.

Stro, watch out for dem kangaroos.
by padodoman April 19, 2009
de pross en weech nu ba swown seekz eet an figr de dryv n ryd tru slipn wine streetz po tru maj froot injst crca chw.
yo. ridin and nokong waterwolf jus yes. i did. i figr we do sum expan owr site an de lite wich brite can stop me. evrezent jrny jerz wen we scowt.
by padodoman September 02, 2009
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