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What girls use in a text message to indicate that they are done talking to you. Usually implies that they are unhappy with you.
Classic One Word Texts:

Boy Text: "What's up?"

Girl Text: "Nothing."

Boy Text: "I see. I'm just chilling today"

Girl Text: "K"

Boy text: "Is everything ok?"

Girl Text: "Yep"
by pacothejew September 07, 2011
A black person, in correct terms. It even sounds good so it won't piss them off.
-Dude! I saw some guy dunk at the Technion! -Was he a melanthrope?
by pacothejew September 01, 2010
Absolute domination, paired with extreme humiliation.
-What was the basketball score?
-115 to 70.
-Woah! They got annihiraped!
by pacothejew August 02, 2011
A person who is acting like a prick, or immaturely. Or it can be used for a plain old douche bag. It can be used as a substitution for gay, faggot, Jew, or any politically insensitive term.
-Do you see that guy acting like he owns the place over there?
-You mean the sleazy one hitting on all the girls?
-Yeah, what a prune.
by pacothejew August 02, 2011

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