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A high school filled with a bunch of pampered assholes.

Here's the deal. I go to McLean and I've got a problem with the jackass that left the "#3" definition under "McLean High School." (Below)
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"Man i Wish i went to Langley. If only i had money.. Oh and Is considerably worse than Langley on just about everything.

Why can't my parents afford nice things? Beaten at most sports in past 10 years... Average family income is less than $600,000.00/year -hope you go somewhere in life."
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Quite frankly someone of such stupidity and retardation who doesn't realize that EVERYONE doesn't make more than "600,000/Year" deserves to be shot. You're a fucking idiot. For the record, myself along with the rest of the world believes that you are a absolutely worthless waste of air. Do us all a favor and go eat shit and kill yourself. But I digress... Langley High School has got to be one of the wealthiest High Schools in America- thats a given. However, while you are all proud of this tremendous feat (I shouldn't even call it "tremendous," having said that the majority of your fathers have ruined lives of others, doing whatever it takes to get to get to the top of their company's ladder- slaving over hours and hours of work at the office while your mother is most likely getting it up the ass from your Latino gardener (who on the weekends she refers to as "Papi"), just so they can come home at night as they embark on their alcoholic journey- immediately feeling better about their insecure selves, and all of their problems- that of which money is no longer one of them. So basically I should call it a "Cowardous" feat.) You do not realize that it has spoiled you. It has spoiled you to the point where you claim that your new Benz is just "okay" because it's navy and not black. To the point where if it’s not designer, you don’t wear it. To the point where you don't know how to run the god damn dishwasher, because you've been pampered since the day your mother crapped you out (she later swore that she'd never tell your father that you actually aren't HIS). But in closing just let me say... Go ahead Douche Bags of Langley High... drive your over-priced cars and wear your fancy clothing... And lay your head down at night on your fancy duvet cover knowing that your father has probably fondled the President's testicles at one time or another. I might also add to my closing statement that in no way am I or any other students of Mclean High School bitter or at all jealous. Quite frankly we aren't even impressed. It’s amazing how you can determine your own value as a person by how much Daddy puts in the bank. Money can buy you great things, but it can’t buy you respect. So do us all the great favor of shutting the fuck up, and piss off, you ungrateful little shits.
"Kids from Langley High School are a bunch of fucking douche bags."

"Except for that one hot chick... I'd fuck her cross-eyed!"
by pablo moosha August 25, 2006

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