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44 definitions by pablo

a very succesful Mack Daddy.
If you can control your hoes then you are a true Elishay
by Pablo February 03, 2004
2 9
A girl who is just so cute and likes pizza. Shes funny.
by Pablo February 07, 2003
1 8
The word used by chavs from remote Scottish towns to denote self-pollution.
"Ah fancied gettin' ma end away, but ma burd wiz oan the rag, so ah hid tae slide aff for a wonk."
by Pablo August 29, 2004
9 17
Stupid Meany Idiot stickhead
by pablo October 10, 2003
2 10
A bad ass dude from south america or of south american descent that is a pimp and gets all the ladys
by Pablo June 05, 2003
3 12
The same as sadist. Someone who enjoys cruelty or pain unto him or herself.
Damn bro! Your girlfriend broke up with you 3 times and you're going back for more! You're such a sadic!
by Pablo January 04, 2005
10 20
Insulting term coined by David W, in which refers to the action of being Jewish. To put on yamakkah. Can also be said as "cap yourself".
David Lawrence, put a cap on you Jew. Seriously, why are you such a J-O-O?
by Pablo November 22, 2004
9 23