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2 definitions by p5150

A near pathological trend in baby naming where parents take the boy's name "Aiden" and try and sound creative with it. The result is an emerging generation of "Aidens, Aydens, Aidens, Aedans, Braydens, Braidens, Braedens, Caydens, Caidens, Caedens, Draydens, Draidens, Draedens, Draytons, Haydens, Haidens, Haedens, Jaydens, Kaydens, Kaidens, Kaedans, Jaidens, Jaedens, Maydens, Naydens, Phaydens, Zaydens....

One study done in the UK reveals that school teachers are finding this baby-naming trend challenging in the classroom.
" Doc, I can't handle it, all my pupils have the same name, I mean all their names rhyme, ... I mean...there's like some sort of aydenistic trend going on with young mothers nowadays...can you bump up my Ativan to maybe 2 milligrams?"

"How about we try you on Valium for a while, it's a longer acting tranquilizer..."
by p5150 December 25, 2009
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A "retired" individual who already collects a fat pension but refuses to quit working at a good job, thus (unintentionally) robbing a young adult of a decent job opportunity. In order to meet the criteria of a job-hoard, an individual must own a home fully, be experiencing no financial pressures and have a combined pension income that equals or exceeds what a young adult would earn working 80 hours per week at a job that pays at or near minimum wage.

Retirees who truly need the money are not the target of this definition.

Younger people have already inherited a shattered economy, impossible real estate prices, and an overall inability to provide genuine opportunities for their future families. Compounding this are financially-secure folks who have a perceived need for more money.

The above definition is not meant to be ageist, as there are many younger "retirees" hoarding jobs too.
job-hoarder - " I worked for the government for 30 years, I get a nice pension and this job gives me something to do so I don't get bored, did I mention I've got a house for sale "

young person - " I wish I could find something full-time, my wife and I want to have kids someday but we can't afford it, and forget a pension, that'll NEVER happen"

job-hoard - " Don't worry there young feller, I'm sure you'll find somethin "
by p5150 December 25, 2009
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