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An acronym for "I Don't Fuck Around"
Person A: hey, wanna go fuck around?
Person B: nah.. idfa
Person A: oh, my bad
by p337 January 08, 2005
an acronym for "slap a bitch"
camtf down, i dont wanna have to sab
by p337 September 23, 2004
BMS - to write, or "tag" something with "BMS"
i bms'd his computer by making bms.txt and copying it 81 times
by p337 March 27, 2004
An abreviation for "Bite My Sac!".
Guy1: Hey, You're dumb...
Guy2: Oh yeah? Well, BMS!!!
Guy1: <crying>
by P337 February 17, 2004

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