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tastes better than four loko to people at times, but because four loko is more flavourable and tastes better depending on what taste you're in the mood for at the time, and gets you drunker you'll usually drink it instead.

but you'll drink joose before you drink four loko if you're new to malt liquor, because four loko has more alcohol content but joose is pretty high as well. you will most likely take your clothes off atleast once when drinking this stuff. you may do so if you drink four lokos as well.

beware, be careful, shit gets you drunk. it's cheap. sweet.
"i went skinny dipping in the pool again..."
"what the hell were you drinking?!"
"well the first time it was joose, but this time i drank a four loko..."
by p333h0lez October 16, 2009

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