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Confused individuals that are a product of the break down of the white middle class/lower class family, hero worship, and the emasculatory expectations of society. Usually characterized as indolent, witless, overly self-glorifying, and speak a lot of shit about anyone but are never concerned about backing it up because they won't. All these traits are an attempt for a cohesive group structure that accepts them and will tolerate their unfounded angst/effeminate banter or actions. A purely American occurance that is a scourge on par with Chavs and Wiggers.
The Juggalo proceeded to talk shit about my mohawk so I punched him. As usual the Juggalo bitched out, stopped his mockery, and sat down while grumbling about socio-economic inequalities that he didn't comprehend because I am in the same class as he.
by P. Kaltenbach March 17, 2008
Someone who can sustain several concussions and still manage to go to the pub after running for 80 minutes while tackling men that look like they have taken steroids since 3. Also, known for their ability to engage in sex for long periods of time and pleasure their partners to the utmost.
The team of ruggers went to the bar after playing in 105 degree weather while being practically beat up and pleased the entire 18-25 year old female population of Sweden.
by P. Kaltenbach December 23, 2007
The highly trained badasses that the regular Marines employ to kill bastards in a slightly quieter fashion.
Marine Force Recon each are endowed with a bit of Chuck Norris.
by P. Kaltenbach December 05, 2007
A totally useless ancient form of writing used to promote elementary teacher laziness and the 8 hour school day.
Elementary school students believe that cursive will be used all their lives and that desks will protect them from nuclear fallout, knaves.
by P. Kaltenbach April 28, 2008
An enormous inefficent bureaucracy that saps the U.S. money and time. Easily corruptible with nepotism, simony, and fraud that is rampant. Has proven not to prevent anything and is slow in reacting to any situation. The point of the U.N. is to stop war however just ends up dragging a shit load more troops to war (i.e. Korea) if they ever decide to go. If they don't feel like committing then a disobeitiant country can usually do whatever it feels like.
The UN decided to bicker for three years about various genocides hundreds of thousands died in the meantime, millions displaced, and plenty of money wasted. In short, the UN should be scraped as a governing body.
by P. Kaltenbach December 03, 2007
People rip on Bush for having speaking problems and a couple dumb quotes. However Dan Quayle beats him hands down (even though Quayle would suddenly look at his hands and say they are above his feet so he doesn't know what we are talking about)
Irritating Pro-Demo kid that is a disgrace to his party affliations: Bush sucks at life he is so stupid their has never been anyone as stupid as him in power!
Me: How 'bout Dan Quayle you douche bag.
by P. Kaltenbach March 16, 2007
Something you pull on 10 guys wanting to jump you in the parking lot of a BP. Usually with an 18 inch blade and a thick hard plastic handle.
*Van pulls up and a gaggle of people jump out*
Jesse: Are you the fuckers I am supposed to whip the shit out of?
Me: HEY! Fuck you guys you are bringing 10 guys?!!? Well, this makes it even Jesse, Me, and this machete
*Van pulls away with quite a quickness*
by P. Kaltenbach January 11, 2008

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