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2 definitions by p-rock of above the arch

i dont give a fuck, that should sum it up quite nicely.
think for yourself and then you'll understand what punk is and not what they say it should be.
by p-rock of above the arch December 13, 2008
stupid suburban high school fags that think there problems are bigger then there minds can handle i.e. pussy even if a guy or girl though most emo chicks are less pussys then the emo guys.
if i were an emo i'd want to kill myself and cry about my ex-cheating slut of a girlfriend and have an over abundance of razorblades that i would cut myself with cuzz i'd be to stressed out about everything cuzz i'd be a little pussy ass bitch about everything that goes wrong and would seem to have lost my testicals, but i'm not so fuck that shit and fuck you... emo fags!!!
by p-rock of above the arch December 13, 2008