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When just one flush is not enough to get the job done!
Dude, it must have been that late night taco stand, I had a serious double-flusher this morning. I'm just sayin.......
by p mammen August 20, 2011
When a women is taking time off from having sex.
I haven't had sex with my wife in 3 months. She's on a vagication!
by P Mammen August 02, 2009
A toilet.
Honey, can I have the sports section I'm going on the poopmill.
by P Mammen July 29, 2009
A person that you have had multiple lifetimes with here on the earth plain. They are most often a significant other or sexual partner that you are extremely compatible with.
We have spent several lifetimes on earth together. She is my earthmate and our connection is unlike anything I've ever experienced before.
by P Mammen April 06, 2011
A vacation where everything seems to be going wrong.
Our luggage was lost, the hotel sucked, it rained the whole time, we all got sick. It was pretty much a lamecation!
by P Mammen August 01, 2009
Skiing while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
Dude, I probably shouldn't have spent 2 hours drinking beers during lunch. I was so ski-nebriated that I could barely make it down the mountain without killing myself.
by P Mammen January 02, 2012
A career spent not having to work that is usually the result of inheriting money from your parents.
My buddy Bob is a leisure activist. He hasn't ever had a job and he lives off of his annual dividend check from his parent's company. I think he just got back from 6 months in Thailand.
by p Mammen November 22, 2009

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