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1. noun: a term for an attractive male that can be used anywhere because no one has any idea what the hell you are talking about - used primarily in the northeastern portion of the united states (as well as select parts of CA, NY and Mexico).
2. adjective: a term used to describe an attractive male; may also be used in a sarcastic nature

3. verb: to 'make out' with an attractive male.
noun: 1. This bodge in front of us is incredible.. the kind that you want to smear week old guacamole on...
2. The hockey team is a damn bodge carnival.

adjective: 1. Oh my sweet Lord, look at his gams, they are so bodge.
2. That stallion who lives in the basement has the bodgiest 12-pack on the block.

verb: 1. (A) Hey! How was last night?
(B) Good, good - went to the grocery store and picked up some veal shanks and haddock. Then ended up at the bar.. met this kid. you would've loved his blowout.
(A) Did you BODGE him?
(B) Obvi.
by p i e r n a - - l e g December 06, 2007
a term used to describe an extremely TALL, altitudinous, large, skyscraping, oversized, preposterous, beastly, bison-like female.

it is said that these 'DOT com' women tend to feed on all sorts of raw ground meat such as ground chuck, ground loin, ground veal - and also participate in many barbaric rituals involving men said to resemble Al Roker.

"DOT com" insinuates the woman is an Amazon, pertaining to AmazonDOTcom
(a) oh haaay soooo today, i went to the Bulk Store again - majorly running low on vats of warmed, petroleum jelly and Arabian camel toes. and all of sudden dude - this BISON walked in. legit.
(b)shut up. tell me it wasnt..
(a) yeah dude. it was a DOT com. and the worst part. all 7'4" of the broad was flying free like cling wrap at a bondage convention. all she was wearing was a deer skinned 2 piece.
(b) so hein.
by p i e r n a - - l e g February 21, 2008

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