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Adjective descriptive of someone being "all over it"
Yo, that nigga is pressed for that girl.
by P Diddy April 25, 2003
a swedish pimp daddy
Lay some servous on me
by p diddy July 25, 2003
White People
Here come the WP
by P Diddy April 25, 2003
fat assed primma donna bint
by p diddy April 09, 2003
Term used to refer to White People when they are around so that They don't know.
The bunnies were off the hook last night.
by P Diddy April 25, 2003
A word used by anyone who trys to sound more "in the know" about cracking, pornography, online games, forums, and/or skills. Commnly used by wannabe's, newbies, and just plain old morons.
Dude! My Counter-Strike skills are 1337!
My FXP Board is 1337!
by P Diddy January 13, 2003
an ugly fat ass ho
j lo swallows!
no doubt.
by p diddy May 09, 2003

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