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The Capital of New Zealand. known as the coolest little Capital in the World. Often windy and stunning on a good day
boring Person: I live in a capital city
coolest person: I live in Wellington NZ
by ozelement December 07, 2010
A long piece of soft cloth (about 3ft or 100cm) with four or five knots tied at even intervals along it. .... is placed between the legs and the ends held in each hand, one in front and one behind, as if being straddled (usually with your clothes still on).
To use: The rear hand is lowered as the front hand is lifted and vice versa. Repeat this action; causing the Pooknuckle Holejacker to move between your legs, while the knots are bumping you.

This may or may not be a good thing.

Therefore, this word may be used to describe a bumpy ride, a rough person or a really horny person.
Person 1: Hey - have you seen my Pooknuckle Holejacker
Person 2: Yeah, you left it on the bathroom floor.
Person 1: Oh, thanks .. .. .. .. You didn't use it did you?
Person 2: No way! I have my own Pooknuckle Holejacker.

OMG that road was so bumpy! I wont be needing my Pooknuckle Holejacker tonight!

That guy is a roughbastard, what a Pooknuckle Holejacker!

My boyfriend is so horny! He's like a Pooknuckle Holejacker on steriods. Yay!
by ozelement October 16, 2010
Fanta Pants refers to a person with bright orange or ginger hair.: referring to their pubes. A Moringe.
Check out Fanta Pants over there, that dude is bursting with excitement !
by ozelement October 12, 2010
Yellow streak of a stain in a girl's undies
Any simialr looking stain on your clothing
e.g. 1
Male: I don't enjoying seeing Tiger Stains on the underpants when I hang out the washing.

Male or Female: You dropped some food on your shirt. Ew, that looks like a Tiger Stain!
e.g. 3

Female: I need some new panties, mine all have nasty Tiger Stains.
by ozelement October 17, 2010

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