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The aftermath of Bush's oilrun, When all of America's troops are sent back home to also pay these high prices for the gasoline the blindly helped steal.
Man, Iraq Freedom gonna have us all taking the bus with suicide bombers.
by oxxx cocheeba October 14, 2005
1. A semi-intelligent cracker, often rich,unhip and equally without talent but is still forced on the masses as the next best thing to come along since pork rinds where put into bags, and sold at liqour stores all over the hood.

2. A rich and powerful Whiteman, That can't find osmama or w.o.m.d in an empty wherehouse.
I saw that Whitey has her own reality show with her flunkey in tow.

Whitey was on the news last night, still trying to make excuses for going to war for oil.

I hope our troops come home soon., Man Whitey's trippin.
by oxxx cocheeba October 14, 2005

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