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bad gamer that clones nexted to good players due to poor connection and skill.Disloyal, faithless, traitorous, unfaithful Person that uses other social standing to be with the IN crowd.
He don't care about me he's only camp champing on my fame.

dude this guy so shit he's playing the camp champ.
by oxocubes1 October 14, 2011
liposuction/muffin.Derogatory term for a large vagina requiring surgery.
proper lipomuffin,my muffincanon can't even touch the walls.women thats squeezed out too many love puppies or overwieght that her flaps clap in the wind.
by oxocubes1 October 14, 2011
space in a crowded conversation were by you have a chance to add / burst in a comment that progressively opens out the conversation.
jack:her eye brow is so high
backround chuckie:lolololololololololol
jill:i kwn
jill:you look worried
ginger:browser.....<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<there space spot/zit
backround chuckie:lolololololol

jack:do you do birthday parties?
backround chuckie:lolololololol
by oxocubes1 October 31, 2011
vagina =cum+3 times.
She going to do the dirty on me.But she missing out on licklashing with my muffintrilogy.
by oxocubes1 October 13, 2011

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